Welcome to KENRIC – the UK’s longest-running membership organisation for women identifying as lesbian.

We create a vibrant, supportive community for lesbians by providing a mix of enriching and enjoyable social events. View our upcoming events

We’d be delighted to welcome you to our community – run by volunteers and not for profit. KENRIC is strongest in London and the South East but our monthly members’ Newsletter keeps lesbians in contact wherever they live.

Our vision is that all lesbians are able to live safe, fulfilling and connected lives. Find out how to become a member: Join us

We like to get out and about

We offer an eclectic range of events, and you can find out more about these on the  Events page and on:


KENRIC Lesbian Social Group

You’re welcome to attend our events as a guest but benefits for members include:

    • our monthly Newsletter
    • discounted entry to KENRIC-run events
    • full access to the KENRIC website
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A way to connect, then and now

KENRIC was established in 1965, and has a rich history. It continues to offer lesbians the opportunity to make friends and connect with other women who share common interests. More about KENRIC