You’ve probably heard us talking about the Kenric Meetup group or seen it mentioned in the monthly newsletter, but what is it?  Well, Meetup is a social networking site that enables people to meet other people with common interests. You can access the Meetup website on the internet or you can use the Meetup app if you have a smart phone. It’s very easy and straightforward to use – just go to the Meetup site meetup and type in a word or two about something you’re interested in and up will pop a list of groups in your area.

There are thousands of Meetup groups all over the world, catering for almost any group of people or any hobby/interest.

We launched the Kenric Meetup group in March 2015 and our members are a mixture of Kenric members and non-members.  We’ve put on a wide range of events since we started our Meetup group; talks, quizzes, picnics, theatre trips, comedy nights, Easter egg hunts,  treasure hunts, guided walks, cycle rides, prides cabarets and festivals.

Meetup has been a really useful way of letting lesbians know about Kenric and what we do. It allows us to bring our events to a wider audience and reach lesbians who might not otherwise know about us.

At all the events we organise through Meetup Kenric card-holders pay a discounted price and many women have joined Kenric after attending some of our Meetup events.

Every event is hosted by Kenric members and they make sure that newcomers are welcomed and introduced to other women in the group. This helps to encourage women to come along to events even if they don’t know anyone or are apprehensive about attending an event.

Meetup allows group members to message the hosts, ask questions about events and suggest events that you’d like us to organise in the future.

So, if you haven’t discovered our Meetup group already, just follow this link to see what’s on offer:

Kenric Lesbian Social Group

London, GB
967 Women

Want to meet women like you? You’ll find us at Kenric – the UK’s longest running lesbian social group.We’re a fun, friendly and supportive group, run by lesbians for lesbians…

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