Bank on me! Sheila Kent’s story

I was one of the first members of Kenric in 1965 (November) having met up with two very nice ladies – Alice and Joan who lived in Upper Richmond Road and who my partner and I got friendly with.  At that time we were going to MRG meetings and Joan or Alice suggested some of us could go round to their lovely house and have a chat regarding trying to get a few people for social meetings rather than the MRG Political ones.

AGM Chair Report from 1966

S Kent – the first treasurer, in the minutes.

It was at this meeting to which about 15 people went to that it was decided to get another group together and as most of us lived in either Kensington or Richmond, we would call ourselves Kenric.  The first person to be put forward for a ‘Chair’ was Doreen Holley whom I had met some years before (in the Fifties) when we were both in the Chelsea Territorials – that would have been 1965.  In 1966 I think Hilary Nathan was put forward for the Chair and my partner Vivienne Gillings was the chairperson for 1967 but I cannot remember who took over from her.

I was voted in (as I worked in a Bank) as the first Treasurer and I held that position for each year until 1970 when I passed all the books and paperwork over to Rosemary Ellis whom I think kept that position for 2 or 3 years. 


Sheila also remembers typing the very first newsletter in 1965 which only had four items on it.