Jane has never had a computer lesson and I was so impressed that she had success with her first Contact Ad and was happy to tell us her story.

A few moments thought in framing an ad for Kenric’s Website and Newsletter Contact Ads has brought me almost unbelievable rewards.

After many mostly happy years as a mother and a gay woman, largely made up of two very long relationships, I am now fortunate enough to have found, through Kenric, someone who gives me more joy and laughter than I have ever known before, or thought possible.

Advertising, I didn’t know what I was looking for, certainly not an identikit of me…….. When we met we talked for some two and a half hours and I was aware that, when the time came, I had to force myself to leave. What attracted me was indefinable but strong and I, unusually for me, made sure we had another arrangement to meet.

As time went by we found we had very strong compatibilities. Importantly we laughed at similar stuff, have both overcome huge difficulties, are both extremely positive, socially aware & responsible and above all we each have an intense enjoyment of life and it passes between us like a kind of magic. One spark supports the other.

Thank you Kenric, I imagine this must have happened to many of your advertisers. It is priceless and life transforming.


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