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A Kenric membership puts you in touch with members across the UK and gives access to a network of local reps offering support, social groups & activities. You'll receive a monthly newsletter, website membership, and can take advantage of our lively events calendar – we organise major social events throughout the year and put on many more smaller local events, joining hands with other lesbian organisations in your area.

Our monthly newsletter features news, views, events, discreet contact ads and more. Choose from the email version in full colour, or a black and white printed version mailed to you.

Membership is open to any woman identifying as lesbian and aged 16 years and over. Please fill in the online form that follows, carefully reading the details about membership eligibility and your obligations.. If you wish, you may download our Policies Document to read before filling in the form.

Your membership type

Joint membership is for two women living at the same address who agree to share the newsletter, with savings on the membership fee if opting for the printed newsletter. It is not necessary to be partners. Both members are issued with a Membership card and have full benefits and rights of membership but only one name will appear on any correspondence.