Along with the Supper Club we are now in our 16th year and still going strong.
This year we’ve had quite a few newbies who have decided they like us and do join us regularly. Each month we go to a different nationality restaurant mostly in central London tho I do visit North, South, East as well just to be fair!…..O, and yes, I treat myself once a year and run one in my home town of Romford….and to be fair, we do get fewer people travelling there but we have had some of our best meals there.
For some strange reason over the past 3 years numbers have been growing and we now average between 12 and 18 each meal. We had 22 for the Christmas meal in Pizza Express and even managed to find a drinking hole after that could accommodate a few of us…..after the meal, for those who want to join us, we do find a local pub to carry on the camaraderie…..we’ve had some great debates….especially pre-brexit!

I know that many friendships have been formed over the years from people meeting at Lunch Club which, after all, is the name of the game…….so I’m hoping that in 2017 more of you will join our happy band.  Wishing all you Kenric members A Very Happy New Year from Lunch Club!

Andree Malenoir

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