On Saturday 21st April, London Gay Symphonic Winds will take to the floor with an evening of music designed to make you move! Their “Let’s Dance!” concert will twirl you into an exciting programme of music written for dancing, waltzing through Shostakovich, strutting through Stravinsky and even getting down with some more modern disco favourites. If you ever wanted to hear Steps, Kylie and Bowie performed by a group of 40 LGBT musicians, this is the concert for you.

The band promises an evening of fun and engaging wind band music, all compèred by the delightful Cally Beaton of QI fame.

Comedian Cally Beaton will be compèring
“Let’s Dance!”.
Photo: Cally Beaton website

Plus there’s the chance to win a pair of concert tickets!

Here’s a preview of the programme…

  • Let’s Dance! / David Bowie
  • New World Dances / Martin Ellerby
  • Confide In Me / Kylie Minogue
  • Pulcinella Suite / Igor Stravinsky
  • Sun Dance / Frank Ticheli
  • Steps Overture / Various
  • Suite of Old American Dances / Robert Russell Bennett
  • Waltz No. 2 / Shostakovich
  • Symphonic Dances from Fiddler on the Roof / Jerry Bock
  • 5 Spanish Dances / Moritz Moszkowski
  • 4 Scottish Dances / Malcolm Arnold

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Q & A – Kenric chats to Pat Langford, London Gay Symphonic Winds Deputy Chair and Kenric member

Kenric: For how long have you been playing in the band?

Pat Langford: I joined as a flute player in 2008, so 10 glorious years! I was inspired to join when I saw the band playing at a “Gay Day” at London Zoo.

K: When did the band get together?

PL: It was formed in 2005 as a sister group to London Gay Symphony Orchestra.

K: What instruments play in a wind band?

PL: There are big beasts like tubas and euphoniums giving us our bass sound, to the tiny piccolo which trills like a bird! And between those are horns, trombones, trumpets, saxophones, clarinets, oboes and flutes. Every instrument has a unique character and sound.

K: Where has LGSW performed?

PL: We’ve been to Paris, Amsterdam and Brighton as well as various London bandstands and concert venues. We are playing in Teddington soon for a “Pink Proms”, and we are regularly invited to play at private events. We are always thinking of new places to play and next year might be very exciting indeed. Watch this space!

K: What’s been your highlight of playing in the band?

PL: Really just becoming a better player as I have had the privilege of playing alongside some very talented musicians. When you feel that as an ensemble you’ve produced something that has really wowed an audience, it’s a brilliant feeling.

K: Tell us about the concert you have coming up on 21st April.

PL: We had the idea of doing something with a dance thread throughout since so many of the pieces we have played before have an uplifting dance beat to them.  The programme we’ve put together is a great spread of styles and genres, from Shostakovich to Kylie Minogue!

K: Are there any vacancies in the band?

PL: Spaces do open up quite often, and we would particularly welcome more female players. Check out our website and get in touch!

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