KENRIC Contact Adverts are for members who are looking for friendship, romance or to help members to make contact with each other.  All Contact Adverts are published in the monthly newsletter and in the private members’ only area of the KENRIC website. KENRIC takes all reasonable steps to ensure that only KENRIC members have submitted adverts and only members have access to the content or reply to the Contact Adverts.

KENRIC Contact Adverts are:

  • free of charge
  • a maximum of 25 words
  • published in the newsletter and the private members’ area on the KENRIC website for a period of three months
  • to be submitted by 10th of the month preceding publication

Contact Adverts

Content & Security

Please carefully consider the content of your advert – you might want to mention hobbies/interests or perhaps specify an age range of women that you’re hoping to make contact with.  If you place or respond to an advert, please remember that you are potentially corresponding with a stranger and take your own safety into account when giving personal information.

KENRIC cannot take responsibility for the content of adverts or replies, the failure of an advert to bring about the desired result or for any correspondence arising from the use of the Contact Adverts service.


We are reviewing all KENRIC procedures to take account of upcoming changes in legislation and this means that some information which was previously displayed on our website will no longer be displayed or will only be available within the private members’ only area.

Placing an Advert

Contact adverts may be submitted by post or email, as detailed below:


  • Please complete the Contact Advert form (printed in the Newsletter) in block capitals and post it to
    BM K, London WC1N 3XX


  • Please email your name, membership number and contents of your advert to:
  • Please state that you consent to KENRIC processing your personal data for the purposes of administering the Contact Adverts service

Viewing Contact Adverts on the Website:

Login to the KENRIC website at:, select the Members tab and locate the Contact Ads page. Only logged in KENRIC members may view the content of the Contact Ads. If you need details of your username or password, email the website administrator at including your name and membership number.

Contact Adverts

Responding to an Advert

When you reply to an advert, please be considerate and reply as you would wish someone to reply to you.


  • Seal each reply in its own stamped envelope. Remember to include your full name and address or contact details for a reply
  • Write the relevant box number and your membership number lightly in pencil on the top left of the envelope (this will be erased before your reply is forwarded)
  • Place your reply (replies) in another stamped external envelope
  • Attach sufficient postage and send to BM K, London WC1N 3XX


  • Send only the reference number(s) ending in the letter ‘E’, of the ads you want to respond to and your membership number to: We will in turn forward your email address onto the relevant members
  • Please state that you consent to KENRIC processing your personal data for the purposes of administering the Contact Adverts service


Postal Adverts: We will forward all replies to the appropriate advertiser and will not access the contents of your letter. We will be unable to administer any correspondence received without your membership number or without sufficient postage.