Welcome to the Kenric members only contact ads.

The Kenric Contact Ads are for members looking for friendship or to help put members in touch with each other in their local area.  Every ad has a reference number, and a reference that ends with a ‘W’ is a website ad.  Both postal and website ads are published in the newsletter.

If you want to respond to a website ad (ref. ending in ‘W’) follow the instructions below. Please be aware that the wording of your ad will be public, but your email address is only visible to Kenric members. We do not print member’s email addresses in the newsletter for security and anonymity reasons.

Kenric always tries to ensure that only other Kenric members submit and respond. However, if you submit an advert or respond to one, please remember that you are approaching a stranger.  Keep your own security and confidentiality in mind. Kenric cannot take any responsibility for the contents of the adverts and any replies or the failure of an advert to bring about the desired result.

Contact ads appear for a period of three months. The initials at the end of the ad indicate how many months are left.  Please be considerate and reply to your respondents as you would wish them to reply to you.


Placing your ad is very simple and should contain a maximum of 50 words. Don’t forget to include your location, interests and if applicable the age range of the person you’re looking for. Submit your ad by emailing it to: membership@kenriclesbians.org.uk 


You’ll need to login to the Kenric website.

Anybody can view the ads but only logged in Kenric members can view the email address on the ad.  When responding to ads please follow the guide lines above. If you don’t know your username or password please email the website administrator at: editor@kenric-uk.club and include your membership number.

Website Contact Ads

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