Kenric is noted for its major events that are conducted by the Management Committee, and welcome all Kenric members, country-wide. But on a more modest scale, our network of appointed Local Reps coordinate their own social groups where members local to them can meet and plan events that suit their area and their particular interests.

Kenric Management Committee

The activities vary widely and, as well as the perennial favourites of discos/clubs, the theatre and meals out, might involve sports such as bowling, rounders, badminton and swimming and even more adventurous pursuits like hot-air ballooning!

Kenric Local Reps and the areas they serve are listed in the newsletter and details of their regular meetings and activities are listed under ‘Diary of Events’ and ‘Noticeboard’ headings. Many Local Reps also circulate monthly events programmes by email to their Groups, so there is a great deal to be seen and done, in the areas where Kenric has a presence.

Our network of Local Reps is key to Kenric’s aims and achievements, and their uniquely personal touch forms the back-bone of Kenric’s social networking. Local Reps provide an important source of information and are the grass-roots point of contact for new members who may well feel isolated in their area.

Any Kenric member can become a Local Rep. All it needs is a bit of get up and go and some old-fashioned grit and determination to encourage your Local Group to grow! But of course, you need to be a member first, so why not give Kenric a try and Join us

Kenric Local groups