New member Sue, tells us why she asked for her Contact Ad to be removed! 

It was some thirty six years ago that my now ex-husband gambled us out of our second home. At this point l said to myself, enough is enough, if my life is going to be screwed up l can do it myself thank you very much. I took my boys (mine because, despite being their biological parent, hubby never really got to grips with fatherhood) and headed back into the bosom of my family. My father welcomed us with open arms, and we re-connected with a loving extended family.

Over the next thirty six years, we had our ups and downs. The ups l savoured and filed away as precious memories. As for the downs, well, l have never been able to do self-pity for more than about thirty six hours, because then l get on my own nerves!!  So like Fred and Ginger l pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again…

My whole life l felt fat and ugly (a view hubby endorsed) and once divorced, believed that if a man thought l was attracted to him, he would be furiously insulted. So it was a road l never travelled. Telling people instead that ‘I don’t do men’.

Late 2016 l was in discussion with another divorcee, we were comparing notes and expounding on the guilt we carry for choosing the wrong fathers for our children. It was then that l had my light-bulb moment. This story l was telling, was my story, this had all happened to me!  Over the next few days my life became a floodlit pitch and l saw the way things had been. I realised it was not my fault, I am a good mother, a worthwhile person, l am OK, and l am gay!!  Realising l am gay in my sixties oddly enough, was not a shock, more a case of…. oh! Yes. Well that makes sense. It was SO liberating. l was now on a mission to uncover the Lesbian world. I went to OLN and someone there told me about Kenric.  I devoured the first newsletter, hungry for information, and there at the end were the relatively new Contact Ads.

One in particular caught my eye, she sounded much like me. l responded, we emailed a lot and that turned into daily, (still is because we live miles apart).  We met in early December, it was almost but not quite love at first sight.  We currently spend our time between our two homes, wondering if it is actually legal to be this happy!!  For the first time in my life l feel like a woman, l even heard myself singing ‘l feel pretty’ in the shower!!  My closest family and friends have responded to my ‘coming out’ with unconditional love and joy for my happiness.  l know that having thrown the pebble into the pond, the wider the ripples spread, the greater the likelihood that relationships may be lost. That will hurt and l shall feel sad, but l have finally accepted that other people’s opinions, are just that, opinions, they are not the code by which l must live my life.

l told my new love that for most of my life l had been Cinderella to which she replied…‘No, you were Sleeping Beauty, and now you are an Amazonian’. How lovely is that, and how lucky am l….So a heartfelt thank you Kenric Contact Ads for facilitating OUR new life.


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